Nickei Falconer, Lifeworks Counselling and Psychotherapy



Nickei is an experienced, friendly and practical counsellor (NZAC) and psychotherapist (PBANZ) and trainer. She’s been practising since 1993. Prior to this, she was in health and wholefoods management roles at regional and national levels, so much of her work now is focused within workplace settings with individuals, work teams and/or managers. She also offers wellbeing and sustainability talks for workplaces and groups.

A lot of people who come in with anxiety, depression, low mood, are feeling exhausted and ‘burnt-out’- as if they have no ‘gas left’ in their tank. This may be you. You may have less energy and motivation for the activities and people you usually love, not feel as effective within your work or life, be wondering ‘what’s the point?’, not be sleeping well or waking refreshed, be jumpy or wired, be doing ‘headmiles’ and generally not feel happy and settled inside yourself.

Nickei undertakes an assessment within the first session together, which includes the state of your physical health and energy. Often your physical body is ‘resource stripped’, and this massively affects your moods and thoughts. Nickei works in closely with a naturopath and other allied health professionals to recover your whole person wellbeing; first your physical health and then your thoughts and feelings. When people renourish and re-resource their physical bodies, the emotional/behavioural changes they want to make are then well-supported and are often fairly quick. Nickei loves being involved in this work with people; to see them shine with health and vitality again.





41 Essex St, Phillipstown