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Dr. Sam Shay, DC, FACFN, PGDip(Acu)


Dr. Sam Shay is a chiropractor focusing on functional nutrition and functional testing, who has has walked his own journey to overcome his 25-year addiction to video games, a 15-year addiction to sugar, as well as overcome his insomnia, fatigue, low mood, chronic pain, and gut problems. Dr. Shay combines his training, personal journey, and clinical experience to help those struggling not only with addictions, but also with chronic health concerns, customizing nutrition and lifestyle plans with advanced functional testing, including testing the adrenal, gut, parasites, mitochondria, food intolerances, thyroid, and genetics.  For a more detailed bio, go to www.DrSamShay.com/about 

Helping: fatigue, gut health, hormone balance, stress, foggy brain, weight balance, sleep struggles, & inflammation

Testing Options: Adrenal, Gut/parasites, Genetics, Mitochondria, Thyroid, Food Intolerances. All test kits dropped shipped to your mailing address. 



Chiropractic, functional testing and custom nutrition


Available via teleclinic


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